It’s Hot and we don’t have a Fridge!

The first few days were not so bad because it had been raining for a while before we arrived in India. (By the way, ‘We’ refers to Harbhajan and I. It was a little unclear at one point if this trip would be two brothers tackling India together or alone… but we chose the former for obvious reasons.)

Well, I should probably cut to the chase in the five minutes I have left in this internet cafe. Our house is Awesome! It has four bedrooms, a dining room/living room, two bathrooms, and a relatively big kitchen. One of the bedrooms will be a gurudwara, and the other is not yet decided. The kitchen is full of dirty dishes because we haven’t re-hired our cleaning person yet and we don’t have a fridge (motivation). The power has been on for most of the time so far, but when it does go out, sweat pours out like you wouldn’t believe. Uhh… one minute left, better post this….

Till next time…


3 Responses to “It’s Hot and we don’t have a Fridge!”

  1. Mata SatKirin Says:

    Wahe Guru,
    God bless you and all those that have helped you along the way.
    Rickshaws and scooters are very handy.
    Most people never have autos.
    Plus being social is a great way of networking…slow and steady
    Take your time and remember you are in India not New York.
    Adapt and set your priorities until you have “landed”.

  2. Gurumustuk Singh Says:

    Dharam Bro! Glad to just find out that you started a blog! It was nice reading your first few entries. I hope you are able to keep at it…and post pictures too.

    Let me know if you have any questions…. 🙂

  3. Himmat Singh Khalsa Says:

    Hey Dharam. Sounds like you are having fun. Could you call me? I need to ask you some questions about the house here, and confirm being able to stay at your house when I get to India.

    Looking forward to chatting, and seeing you soon.


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