Internet is just now coming…

We finally got our house phone hooked up and with a lot of followup and negotiation, the internet modem will be setup in our house on Monday. We made the fatal mistake of using a government internet provider, which resulted in a lot of procrastination and bureaucracy, not to mention paying for everything up-front. All I can say is that internet better be FAST!!

It’s still hot of course. It should be raining a lot more than it is… I think the rains have shifted to other areas. I heard Mumbai broke a record with 37 inches of rain in 24 hours!! I cannot imagine what that looks like. May Guru Ram Das and many other saints help all those in need there.

I finally made it to Parkarma Seva this morning!!! I’m 1 for 14 and counting… I will make it my sadhana to be there every morning. Especially in the summer when it is so easy to be awake in the early morning and the nectar tank is SO nice!!

This morning I did the whole Parkarma seva (one side – they have two groups do half of the parkarma at the same time), and drank chai with some of the other sevadars. Then I bowed, and did all my banis on the Parkarma. I made a friend in Seva too, who I talked to for a little bit and he listened to me do banis. Dipping in the Nectar tank was the most comfortable I have felt since arriving in India. I love to be submerged in Water and I don’t like Chlorine. I really wanted to just swim underwater through the whole nectar tank for about an hour, but…. I intelligently refrained from doing so. πŸ™‚
The sunrise is always so beautiful at Darbar Sahib. I plan to bring my camera everyday so I can get a collection of sunrise pictures (which I will share of course).
I then rode home and sang Raag Bhairav until my throat felt like when you eat mints and drink cold water.
It was what I would call my first Good Morning… I hope for many more.
One thing I discovered as well is that one of the walls in my room gets baked in the sun for a good portion of the day resulting in my room getting cooked for the duration of the night. I opened my door to get some water last night and got blasted by the cold air that everyone ELSE in Amritsar was sleeping in!!! I have concluded that my room needs some serious ventilation if I intend to sleep in there.

The food situation has not really improved that much. Breakfast takes less time and energy but consists of wheat, skippy, and jam, and Juice (from concentrate). We are going to have to work something out in which our cleaning lady/cook comes earlier to make Paranthas.
And… I am getting a better hang of driving so I have to be careful not to be overconfident. I won’t get into that though.. I don’t want my family to worry about it. πŸ™‚
Oh…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARAYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha. I bet I beat my brother to that post… It’s only been Narayan’s birthday for an hour in America. πŸ™‚
So today I begin my official preperatory physical training for the Hemkunt trip. I figure I don’t need to worry because I will be the youngest person in the group I am traveling with, but I want to have a really good time. Last time I went was when I was 13 and I raced to the top with a group of my friends. We were basically trail-running up the final stretch. That was fun!!
That’s it for now. Hopefully I will have some pictures up on Monday. Sat Nam.


8 Responses to “Internet is just now coming…”

  1. Puja Says:

    Sat Sri Akaal Dharma ji, nice to see things are getting better for you, may Guru be with you always !!
    I have never been to Harmandir Sahib, if Guru’s Kirpaa be i will definatly visit next time i come to India. πŸ™‚ !!

  2. Gurdeep Singh Says:

    Dharam Ji Sat Sri Akal, Welome to India, In the video of you tying a Dumala you went on to insert a small kirpan in the Dumala Can you Please let me know what type of Kirpan was it and whether it is available in the open market any specific details would be Real Nice. Thanx.

  3. Mata SatKirin Kaur Says:

    Sweetie, how about fresh fruit for breakie?

    You did not mention it but …a layout after a seva routine like yours sounds in order.

    Maybe your cousin Kayla can be persuaded to come to Hemkunt Sahib Yatra and then you will not be the youngest chronilogically. But it is only the machinery that is young…in many other ways you are quite the mature one.
    Mata ki’s asees

  4. sikhspeak Says:

    Training? For Hemkunt Sahib…I think if you’re reasonably fit (i.e. you can walk in a line) you’ll be ok! I did the Hemkunt Sahib (back in 2003) it was all good! With Guru’s Kirpa, you’ll be fine – ENJOY IT! and the views are pretty amazing too!

    I incidentally just posted my trip to Hemkunt Sahib if you wanna read…SikhSpeak.Com/Blog

    The FREE Sikhi e-Magazine

  5. Gurkirpal Says:

    Hey dhram ,,,,

    just wondering how much is dsl in india….
    because im going in india next month …

  6. Harminder Kaur Says:

    It has been boiling these past few days and the electricity keeps going out!(but u gotta do what u gotta do: study study study!) how much Punjabi have you learned Dharam Singh?
    That’s very awesome that you’ve done Seva at dawn at Harmandir Sahib. boy am i jealous! (just kiddin).
    BTW i have problems with food as well. You can make pancakes and stuff. Also eat as much fresh fruit and raw vegetables (but cut them first because of insects etc). Drink a lot of milk as well. STAY HEALTHY and take meds without delay if anything happens. ok ok ur old enough but still everyone needs a reminder. take care. Sat Nam

  7. Sirivishnu Singh Says:

    satnam khalsa ji;
    i totally agree about fruit for breakfast, give your stomach a break with the peanut butter early AM! anyway, skippy is tough stuff, make some almond butter….always eat with apples to cut the stick

  8. MrSikhNet » Blog Archive » Narayan’s 5th Birthday Says:

    […] (aka: bro) …you sure did beat me to the blog posts for Narayan’s Birthday….but hey…your in India! Watch the video if you can. Might […]

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