An Introduction to this BLOG:

I had not originally planned for this blog to be read by anyone; it was more to feel connected with my friends and family in Espanola (and a few other places). So I would like to outline my beliefs as they stand now so you (the reader) might better understand everything else I write about. And also because it’s fun… ☺
First off, I believe that every individual should decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. It is good to take advice from different places, but it must resonate as true in your heart before you take it to heart. In this way, I have found my constant quest for truth, solidifying my identity as a Sikh. I question everything I believe to constantly remind myself of the things that are true to me and to rid myself of things that are not true to me.
I like to have a sense of humor about everything, which can be offensive sometimes, but being very self-conscious, I manage to keep most people happy.
I like to write about everything because it helps me better understand it. It is also creative expression, which is good.
I consider God to be the collective consciousness of the Universe, of which a small but precious part resides in me, giving me breath in each moment. I believe gratitude to be the most valuable and effective form of prayer; and that prayer is the most effective tool we have to create anything on this earth. The most knowledgeable and spiritually advanced individuals on this earth will always tell you that God, the Universe, Life, and everything cannot be explained or understood correctly, and it has been said many times that the wisest people are those that don’t pretend to know everything. I believe that just as the universe is infinitely expansive, the knowledge of the universe can never be contained. There will always be infinitely deeper concepts that we don’t understand, no matter how far we progress in life, so we just accept that and make the best decision we can with the knowledge we have and pray that the rest is taken care of by God (and then be grateful..).


One Response to “An Introduction to this BLOG:”

  1. Mataji Says:

    Action and reaction are a big part of the flow. The right and wrong of the heart can be very emotionally charged and naive……in other words, it could be right for just a short moment and not really a right or a truth that can endure.

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