GT Fishies

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GT Fishies, originally uploaded by Dharam Singh.

Fish in the Nectar Tank. The Water is so clear now…


2 Responses to “GT Fishies”

  1. Puja Says:

    Sat Sri Akaal Dharam, nice pictures !! ooyiii fishiiiess !!!

  2. Harminder Kaur Says:

    those fishies remind me of my little brother. i told him that if he says Waheguru then the fish will come to him because they like to listen to Simran. So every time he said Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru the fish would collect around the Sarovar near us. Then when he would stop and they would swim away! If the fish swam away while he said Waheguru he would ask me why are they going now? i’d tell him that someone else is saying Waheguru too and now the fishies want to see him or her! it was sooo cute.

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