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The Beginning…

July 25, 2006

has yet to manifest itself. 🙂

I am still in New York City for another 20 hours or so. I figured I would get a blog setup before I am there so I don’t lose track of it. I have a lot of feature browsing to do.

Firstly though, I would like to send Gratitude to Bro Gurumustuk for encouraging me to write of my journey in the City of Nectar – Amritsar. I will now write what my plans are so I can come back and smile at how amazingly unaware I was of the great things that God and Guru had planned for me:

I will be in Amritsar by Thursday, and will spend the whole first day napping to deal with the heat. I will struggle without a personal mode of transportation to take care of the things I need to setup when I get there. I will buy a car quickly and be happy with it. I will, immediately upon arrival, go sit at Darbar Sahib for many hours and cry for joy of being at peace in my heart. I, excuse me… We (Harbhajan and myself) will talk to the Vice-Chancellor at GNDU, and he will give us the opportunity to apply ourselves to the college programs there. I will be roughly fluent in Punjabi within a month, and totally fluent by the end of the year. I will write in this blog daily, given that Guru Ram Das provides access to DSL from my house, otherwise posts may be a few times a week.

I know how important it is for me to stay connected to friends, family, and just about everyone. It keeps me present, aware, and intelligent. I have accepted what I used to see as a weakness, as a simple part of who I am and what I exist to be – inter-dependence on community. Any time I try to do my own thing or prove that I can tackle life alone, I end up driving myself crazy. So this is my method of staying in contact with the global community and keeping myself sane in the midst of what I know will feel like solitude.

I have two main ‘sadhanas’ that I plan to do daily under any circumstances (besides maybe travel): The first is Parkarma Seva in the mornings. I love to be there in the morning and always loved the energy of washing the marble. And the second is to post on my blog. Between staying up late to post on the blog, and getting up at 2:30 everday for seva, I should guarantee myself very little sleep and a very good time structure to build on.

My Sadhana will still consist of Banis, Sat Kriya, Exercise of some kind, and some other meditations. I would do Yoga sets, but I have found that doing them alone actually makes me tired…

I also did not mention in my plans to become involved in the Yoga Center in Amritsar in whatever capacity I can, and begin teaching yoga classes. I have this idea that I am going to love it once I get some practice doing it.

Now that the prologue to the beginning has begun, I will get some rest before my last day in America for many months… lots to do.

My prayer is that Guru Ram Das will carry me across any struggles I may have in writing in this blog each day. May I be granted the facilities and opportunities to grow and learn in Amritsar in many ways, and share what I learn with many, many people – friends and strangers alike. May my travel to Amritsar be uneventful and my setup there smooth. Sat Naam.